Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Projects The solar power plant provides greater returns on investment to the home/industry owner. It has been reduced the dependency on the grid power or diesel generator power and increase profits by reducing operational costs. Our team of experts gives a lot of focus on maintaining high quality, on-site supervision, safety measures, and timeline management to ensure timely installation and also increase customer’s return on investment. Time and again, Easy Solar has delivered the best output at every level of the EPC value chain management. Off-grid / Stand-alone Solar Power Plant,

How It Works

Photovoltaic solar panels

The solar panels convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity.


An Inverter then converts the DC electricity into 240-volt Alternating Current (AC) electricity suitable to power appliances in your house.

Power for your Home

Your home uses electricity firstly from the solar generated system. If your electricity use is higher than the supply available from the panels, your system gets the extra powerfrom the electricity network.

Monitoring Usage

A meter is used to monitor the electricity used from the electricity network as well as the electricity your house supplies to the network.

Excess Energy

if your solar module system produces more electricity than you use, the excess electricity is exported to the electricity network.

The electricity produced by your PV system is completely independent ofyour electricity usage in the house as it is connected directly to the utility grid. It will rarely be the case that your electricity production exactly matches your demand. The grid essentially acts like a battery whenever you use less energy, feeding the excess electricity into the utility. On the other hand, if you need more electricity than your PV system produces, you are backed up by the utility.Automatic Shut-off During Outages ("Anti-Islanding").To prevent injury to utility personnel working on power lines, power from the inverter to the home's electric module is shutoff immediately when there is autility outage. No power is allowed to flow out of the inverter into the utility grid from the system. This means that the house will have no electric power, either from the solar modules or from the utility, during a utility outage. The inverter will automatically re-start when utility power is restored. There is a five-minute delay before the inverter returns to normal operation, during which it synchronizes with the utility power,

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