Solar PCUs / Invertor


Solar PCUs/ Invertor

Solar Power Conditioning unit (SPCU) is an integrated system that provides the facility to charge the battery bank through either a Solar or Grid/DG.

PCU, solar charging of battery takes priority during solar day. Battery charges through solar until it reaches full charge voltage . After battery is fully charged, the load is fed via battery in inverter mode thus AC power is not used in presence of solar power. After the battery gets fully discharged, the mains takes over-charging as well as the load is fed through mains only. This way solar energy will be used first on priority and mains energy will be utilized only after the solar energy is fully exhausted.

PCUs Features

Smart Solar Selection with three different Saving Level Zones

User Selectable Critical Parameter Settings.

Remote Monitoring & Controlling through Wi-Fi/LAN/GSM/GPRS/ Android App (Optional)

Provision to maintain the Battery gravity charging at 90V (Low Mains).

Incorporating all the features of conventional Sine Wave Inverter.

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